Be careful what you wish for

 I come into the kitchen after hanging washing up to find Master sat at the island peeling a ginger root, "that's for curry tomorrow night" apparently not anymore as his smug reply was "it's going somewhere else this afternoon" and I do laugh, I'm still chuckling as he sends me to the bedroom, because we both know I knew that as soon as I saw what he was doing.

I talk a lot, I tend to ramble when I'm nervous or excited, sometimes it's a combination of both, so I start rambling when he comes in to the bedroom, can't be having that he says and gets a hood, I love being hooded and he has chosen my favourite, it's leather with a zip where the mouth is, ears are padded so hearing isn't great and I can't see at all, I find it calming.

He positions me on the bed, on my stomach, ass raised by pillows, and inserts the ginger into my ass, it's ok to start, but I know from past experiences the burn will come, I don't find it painful, more that its really uncomfortable, clenching makes it worse and the instinct is to fidget, to try to be more at ease, and there it is, taking effect and I'm squirming, so I'm pulled further up the bed and my wrists restrained to the bedframe, oh and there goes my ankles too.

I enjoy most forms of bondage, I like that feeling of being vulnerable, so combined with the hood it really highlights that aspect, so far so good, this is ticking all my hot buttons, well yeah then he pulled back one of the ear covers and says "now, do you want nice or normal" oh touche you bastard (but this is one of the many reasons I love the man) and covers up the ear again, the question purely rhetorical.

Well then it was ass attack, flogger first, that is not too bad, well yeah coz he is building up, and then the cane, I actually don't mind the cane, although that's depends on where he is striking it and what one he is using, my preference is the dragon cane, it's thick and thuddy I like those sensations rather than stingy like fibreglass canes, they can go kiss my ass, no pun intended, I hate them, not even a love to hate either, just pure hate.

I didn't at the time think it was either of those, one thing about being hooded is having senses removed makes what's happening a blur, not that I'm out of it but well I'm finding it difficult to explain, it's like a mindfuck when it's not a mindfuck.....look I'm no writer, never wrote about stuff like this before and that's the best I got :)

It did end with the sjambok, that I did know, yeah not a fan of that either, well I have said I'm no masochist! at some point after that he removed the ginger and replaced it with his cock, don't mind anal, it's not high up on my 'oh yes' list but nor is it at the very bottom either, in the middle I guess, take it or leave it I suppose, not that I have a choice, besides at that point I was sobbing from the pain so I didn't really care, other than the fact that it was over.

I was going to leave it there, but you know he is good with aftercare, all I really want to do after is sleep, it's bloody exhausting being beaten, but he does tend to the cuts and cleans my ass up, we don't talk, not because of any ill feeling at all, I just need to calm myself, and so we both drifted off to sleep, for near on 3 hours, I did say I take no responsibility for dinner not being made, take-away it is.


  1. Oh lordie I had a sjambok - it was definitely extreme -- hard to get on top of that pain ... ugh!!
    Am very glad you had a good weekend :)

    1. Yeah they should be banned, I find it difficult to get on top of any pain, wish it were different would make things easier, but yes we had a good weekend thanks.

  2. We have a few things in common I like a little bondage, a blindfold (never been hooded), and the occasional piece of ginger. Floggers are great, but sjambok? I had to google it. I'll never be a fan or anything like a cane.

    This all seems very intense to me, but you seem content and that make me happy for you.

    1. I never thought I would be a fan of the cane, it came as quite a shock when I liked it, albeit as I said it's dependent on certain factors, I do at times wish I was a masochist would certainly make things easier but I'm not.

      Yes perhaps more intense than I'm comfortable with at times but overall I'm happy and content with the way things are, we tried different and it didn't work.

  3. Hi, Claire! "Sjambok" sounds like something I would yell if I stubbed my toe pretty hard! Glad you had a good weekend with your man. Laughed at him whispering in your ear! Hugs, Windy

    1. lmao oh I would yell and have done many a word when stubbing my toe, and always unpleasant words!

      I did smile when he said what he did, he gave me what I needed even though I didn't exactly think that way as it progressed :)

  4. Let's see...I am allergic to ginger, or have an extreme sensitivity to it according to my immunologist, so it's never even in our house. Lol. Peppermint is good enough, even if being tortured ends up with a Christmas Elf vibe, which is more distracting than an slight burn from the menthol lol.

    We once had a lexan cane, that I bent into a lightening bolt (Damn things don't break!) That's how much I love them. Lol. B loves canes if any kind..I do not! Sort of the point I suppose.
    I'm not a huge fan of the sjambok. To me ours feels like I'm being punched ( not that I've ever been punched).

    I find things easier to deal with personally if I am bound , gaged, hearing removed. I'm not sure why, I think because I don't think. I read people say that not moving is part of their submission when not bound but I find it distracting. Some times that a good distraction other times not.

    Ah yes the 3 hour nap. Nap doesn't exactly fit though. It's more like a coma. Lol. That is to say, I'm sure we look like sleeping beauty. I swear after I am anything but chatty. I'm more like a piece of cooked spaghetti. Sort of all droopy - once I've been cleaned up as well which depending on the event can be another form of let's get this overwith- if I wasn't entering the coma and my voice is only saying that in my head lol.

    My ramble is to reassure you that even if you don't feel like a writer, I certainly understand where you are coming from.

    As for anal, it's okay until it's not. Lol

    Sounds like your post whether intentional or not from a few days ago might have sparked some normal back into your husband as well πŸ’•


    1. Had my reply all typed up and it disappeared! ok try again.

      No ginger for you then, I haven't tried peppermint, do I want to? that is the question!

      I need to know more about this Christmas elf vibe? I will stalk your blog if I have to lol

      If I could I would throw out the lexan but I fear the repercussions of doing so would be much worse than the lexan itself, so I shall leave it as a fantasy of where I would like to stick it.

      It's a bonus that I like bondage because I'm terrible at keeping still so for practical reasons he tends to restrain me, better that than be struck somewhere that could be damaging, plus I seem to be able to take more when I'm restrained so it's win win for him.

      Like cooked spaghetti, oh that had me lol, yes a very apt description, I just zonk right out.

      We had a really good conversation thanks to you and it feels good to have aired things and hopefully it shall continue.

    2. Well the peppermint ( from what I've heard from others who've had both, isn't as strong- but much more versatile. Lol). B put it in my back before whipping it. Then rubbed it with ice after. Not sure if it was that combination specific to me (because cold equals pain for me) but it wasn't pleasant. Other areas without whipping was mild.

      While I like the idea of having a stalker I don't want you to waste your time πŸ˜‰

    3. oh I don't like the sound of that, like you I don't like cold so I can't imagine it would be something I would be keen to try, won't be suggesting to try that lol

      OOh willie, I have so much time on my hands mwwhhaaa lol

  5. With you on the fibreglass!
    And this whole post made me smile (and reminded me we need a new hood in our kit)

  6. It's good to know I'm not alone, those things should be banned, oh yes you should do, I love them :)

  7. I just LOVE figging, whether giving or receiving.


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