He swept me off my feet (how we met)

Well, he shagged me against a wall in a toilet cubicle of a nightclub so technically my feet were off the floor!

*rewind a few months*

I loved dancing as a teenager, and used to go nightclubbing most weekends with my sister who is 4 years older than me, we knew which ones were relaxed with insisting on ID, and so long as there was no drunken underaged  they would turn a blind eye.  My sister didn't mind me tagging along, and my parents conditions were we had to stay together and to get a taxi home, and be home together, they were fairly relaxed parents.

She would meet up with her friends, and my Master was a friend of one of her friends, I didn't pay him much attention, but then I didn't any of them, yes we all spoke but no conversations of any depth, I just spent my time on the dancefloor, didn't drink, very rarely do now, just water which I would go back to our table for at regular intervals.

This went on for months, my sister and a few of her friends were smokers, and would go outside to smoke, on one evening I came back to the table and he was sat there with a girl I didn't know, we had a bit of chit-chat, mildly flirtatious, yeah he wasn't bad looking I suppose, gulped my drink down and went to the toilet.

Where he followed me, and oh man I still get a tad embarrassed even now thinking about it, we had sex in the toilet, yeah I know very romantic, what a bloody tart!  But I was a virgin, and when this became apparent he was mortified, even more so when after I had done the walk of shame back to the table, my sister having put 2 and 2 together (I believe the girl filled her in) told him how old I was, and I was dragged home by one very appalled sister....although trust me she is in no position to judge, well not now!

In the week following that, my sisters friend had let her know that he was upset about the incident, and in all fairness I hadn't told him my age, and I looked older than I was, make-up etc, well girls tend to in general, judging ages can be very difficult, and how was he to know I was a virgin.  So yeah, I was ashamed and it was obviously something I had never done before and I suppose confused as well, my sister had given him a right bollocking, and I was just too embarrassed to go back clubbing didn't want to face him.

He came to see me at work, after finding out where I worked, about 2 weeks later, I worked as a breakfast waitress at a hotel at weekends, and he asked if he could take me out for lunch when I finished, so we did, it was for me an uncomfortable conversation.

We got on, but my age was more of an issue for him than it was for me then, I actually found his attitude quite insulting, yes he was apologetic and I was to, to him, because I should have perhaps spoken up, I couldn't lay the blame just at his feet, but yeah it was the way in which he said if I was older he would like to have pursued a relationship, and that pissed me off, so not a great start.

I went back to clubbing weekends, our paths crossed, we spoke civilly, and eventually we went out for an evening on our own at a regular pub, not clubbing, and we became a couple, and then the fun really did commence when he introduced me to my first munch...but that's another post.


  1. How in the heck did that not hurt standing up for your first time? Or did it? Eek. We were in a hotel room and it HURT LIKE HECK lying down. I could not believe how painful it was!!!

    The way you phrase certain things makes me laugh. Some of it is because our vocabularies are different because you live way over there and I am way over here. I get a kick out of you! Hugs, Windy

    1. yes it hurt, the whole experience wasn't great, and although I try not to live with the idea of having regrets this was an experience I wish had happened differently, it wasn't how I expected it to be, I was expecting excitement and well I don't know, emotionally it had a bigger impact.

      lol I wander if it's because I'm a Londoner, was born and raised there, although now we live in the sticks, I am finding that I write as I speak, there are a couple that live down the road from us, when we first moved here the husband in particular would laugh at me at random when we had conversations :)

      thanks Windy

  2. Well at least you ended up with him! Lol. My fist time was like a scene from a B rated movie. I at least had alcohol in my system so it didn't hurt. Lol. My second time however. Lol.

    I'd be pissed too if someone said 'if you weren't. (insert anything here not just age) I'd date you . Lol

    Not to compare, or dismiss Windy's comment but aside from bollocking, I don't find you any different to read. But my bf is Australian and my grandfather came from Kent, so maybe I'm just used to it. Lol


    And 'walk of shame' lol!

    1. Well yes I did this is true, but it was still mortifying, I wish I had had alcohol at least then I would have had some form of defence as to why I did it lol

      He couldn't get why I was pissed, but then I think this is a man thing (I know shouldn't generalise) they don't think through sometimes how what they might say gets the reaction it does....ok maybe not a man thing I confess I may be guilty of this myself...but sssh we don't talk about that :)

      oh the walk of shame is never nice!

  3. Okay, so it's not the honeymoon suite and the white negligee story you can share with your grandkids some day - it's still quite a story. And it definitely lends itself to - All's well that ends well. I'll be looking forward to that next post.

    1. oh PK if I could go back I would have done it so differently, but I can't and so all I can do is laugh about it, which we can do now.

  4. i mean--while i so get that you wish your first time was different-that is one powerful origin story.

    1. Yeah I suppose it is, and in one way it did have it's happy ending in that we are still together, just wish it could have started differently lol

  5. Well, that is rather an interesting story of "our first time", nothing that you would share with the kids, but still a great story for grandkids.

    I am glad that it worked out though....that is a nice ending.


    1. Hi Boo,

      Oh god no, not a story I want my children to hear, we have adapted it when any of them have asked how we met lol


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